Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ode to a City

I found this in an old case of my Mum's - I don't think she could think of a last line for the second verse.

I still love dear old Glasgow
Even though it's changed its face
From cosy teeming tenements
Replaced by motorways.

Old Townhead's now departed
Springburn's fading fast
The Garngad's now called Royston

But I still love dear old Glasgow
Despite its concrete clay
Adorning all new buildings
For that's the modern way.

Remember all the shipyards
And railway work galore
The ICI and Parkhead Forge
And many many more.

Yet I still love my old city
Tho' I miss the days gone by
When cinemas and theatres
Put a sparkle in your eye.

Remember all the dance halls
When we danced the nights away
And oh those paddle steamers
That sailed the Clyde each day.

And most of all, the dear old trams
That ran from morn till night
They were Glasgow's pride and joy
Now they too are out of sight.

But now we're in the eighties
And my city's still dear to me
Yet I often wish the young ones
Could have seen Glasgow as it used to be.

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